Monday, 30 January 2012

Turquoise, ruffles, leather


Ruffled blouse: vintage (Retro Rehab, Manchester)
Leather shorts: River Island via ASOS
Swing coat: Topshop
Penny loafers: Topshop
Bowler hat: H&M
Necklaces: vintage
Belt: vintage

One of the pitfalls of using a visit home to take lots of outfit photos is that you have a limited amount clothes you can take with you - especially if you have a pathetic excuse of a weekend bag that barely fits anything in. But alas, we persevere.

I got the blouse a couple of weeks ago from Retro Rehab, on Oldham Street in Manchester. I thought I knew most of the vintage shops in that area by now but I'd actually never noticed this one before. I was offering moral support to a friend of mine who was getting her nose pierced but, once I saw it, I quickly forgot about my role of 'concerned friend' and took on the role of 'crazed vintage shopper' instead. And it's a gem of a shop! They have some really lovely stock and incredible prices, especially compared to a lot of the overpriced vintage shops in the Northern Quarter that cater to the Urban Outfitters hipster crowd*. The shop has a boutique feel, with lovely window displays and everything arranged really nicely - which is a particularly nice surprise if you've just come from Ryan Vintage, which is great for finding bargains but can resemble a bomb site.

They had a sale on but I controlled myself and only got one thing. It was really cold when I was taking the photos so I didn't take my coat off - but that really didn't do it justice, so I took separate photographs of the blouse of it's own:



The colour, the silkiness, the triangles, the ruffles, the fact that it was only £8; ah, it was love at first sight!

And in other news, I was given a Versatile Blogger award from the lovely Mandy of Grace and Viola (her blog is named after her grandmother and aunt, amazing). I'm going to post my facts and pass the award on in a couple of months, once I've been blogging for longer and I have 10 bloggers to pass it onto. But I still wanted to acknowledge it because it was such a nice surprise.

*it amuses me that I wrote that as if I wasn't firmly part of 'the Urban Outfitters hipster crowd'.


  1. wow this outfit is PERfect! amazing shorts!


  2. Ohh retro rehab is dreamy isnt it?! I adore the whole set up in there! Have you ever been to the second hand shop a bit further down from Ryans Vintage? I tend to shy away from Ryans as they quite literally sell things they find in the Second Hand Shop but for a billion times more O_O its nuts!

    Your blog is lovely by the way <3 you're such a beaut! xxxxx