Thursday, 2 February 2012

Brown, leather, lace

brown, leather, lace
Lace t-shirt: Next, Brown leather shorts: River Island via ASOS, Cardigan: Miss Selfridge, Penny loafers: Topshop, Hat: H&M, Belt: vintage, Necklaces: Urban Outfitters and vintage.

This is from a couple of weeks ago. I made sure I photographed every outfit when I went home for the weekend, anticipating that I would be too busy/lazy when I got back to uni. So yes, it's the same shorts and shoes because they're all I took home with me. And those shorts look more and more crumpled in each outfit too. Sigh.

I need a nude coloured vest top to wear under this t shirt. I'm wearing a white one here but I think it looks a bit weird. Of course, it's not as bad as the first time I wore it and assumed that it was just a bit sheer, threw a nude bra on and strolled off to uni, only to get halfway down the road before I looked down and ran back to home to change. Not "sheer", just completely see through with massive holes in it. Nice one, Ellie.

I just realised, apart from a few of the accessories, I'm not wearing any vintage. Wow. It's pretty rare for me to be wearing clothes that have only ever been owned by me.


  1. Haha I laughed at your clothing mishap. That sort of thing happens to me often. I love your outfit! Shorts and tights look really awesome :)

  2. You have some awesome item of clothing. I would love to take the coat in your previous outfit home with me :P

    I have shorts that crease, especially when I sit down. Creases are a real pet peeve of mine too. Your shors dont look badly creased thouhg, I think they give a nice effect because of the material.

    Oh and I definitely wore a coat and scarf with my outfit, I always do! I'm gonna whip out a second pair of gloves tomorrow. I saw someone with leggings, a tee and a denim jacket today, how are they not cold!

  3. thank you! your so lovely ^^


  4. I love this combination! You have such great style!

    xo Jennifer

  5. I love the color of your top with those shorts!