I'm Ellie. I'm in my first year of a graphic design degree at Manchester School of Art and I think about clothes far too much. Here I post about what I wear and why I wear it, with particular emphasis on inspiration from pop culture and cool old ladies I see in the street.

My interest in fashion is just the tip of the iceberg that is my life long obsession with prettiness - although, now I'm at uni, I've learnt to refer to it as my 'aesthetic sensibility' instead. Much classier, I think you'll agree. Film, photography, book arts, magazine design, typography, interior design, the written word, music… if it's pretty, chances are I'll be receptive to it. You know those annoying, pretentious teenage girls with tumblr accounts full of photographs of Anna Karina and Belle and Sebastian lyrics? Yeah, well think of me as basically another one of them.

Aside from the stereotypical hipster art student hobbies listed above, I'm also interested in politics, stand up comedy and I'm quite partial to Richard Dawkins. See, there's some depth for you.

Questions, queries and anything else can be sent here: elliemthomas@yahoo.com. Thanks for looking around.