Sunday, 22 January 2012

Red, brown, leather



Black bowler hat: H&M
Red jumper: New Look
Brown leather shorts: River Island via ASOS
Black penny loafers: Topshop
Necklaces: vintage and Topshop.

I've been such a bad blogger, haven't I? I started back at uni two weeks ago and since then it's just been work, work, work. Not that I'm complaining - our latest brief has been really challenging for me and I've really enjoyed coming up with a solution for it - but it hasn't exactly left a lot of time for blogging. I think sometimes when you're working in a creative field, the last thing you want to do in your free time is something else creative. So I've been spending most of my spare time either in Starbucks or wrapped in a blanket watching Roseanne. Standard. I don't normally get burnt out like this, so I'm hoping it's just taking me a few weeks to readjust to uni. I'm going to try harder, you have my word.

Now, onto the outfit. One thing that's changed during the last fortnight is that I'm into hats again. You won't know this, but a few months ago I used to wear hats almost every day. Then when I moved away to uni, I just stopped. I don't know, I guess because I was moving to a completely new city and meeting so many new people for the first time, I just didn't want to feel anymore conspicuous than I already would. And if there's one thing that a hat does, it's make you conspicuous.

But the other day, I was running late for a lecture and it was raining (it's Manchester, so that's not surprising) but that annoyingly fine rain that doesn't really justify an umbrella but will still ruin your hair. Then out of the corner of my eye, I saw my old black bowler and it just made sense. And I've barely taken it off since. I've been reading Diane Keaton's memoir (I finished it a couple of days ago, highly recommend it) and so I think that probably influenced the hat revival. She really is the ultimate hat wearer.


  1. Amazing jumper/hat combo! And I feel your pain on the university front - so many essays, so little time for blogging! (On a side note, I love Manchester. Brilliant city).

    Emily Wears Things

  2. Does Diane Keaton really like hats or something? I love bowler hats, they look badass! It looks really awesome paired with the maroon jumper. You're so cuuute!

  3. Hat's really suit you, you're lucky. I can't decide if they look good or rubbish on me, haha. I love your jumper too, looks cosy!


  4. I love the colour of the jumper, and the hat definitely suits you! I know what you mean though, especially in a new setting meeting new people.. I haven't worn a hat in a long long time. I'm not sure they suit me, but I'm holding out that somewhere there is one just right for me! xo

  5. I always love your outfits so I awarded you the versatile blogger award. Stop by my blog for more details.