Friday, 6 January 2012

Polka dots, navy, rust





Navy polka dot blouse: vintage
Rust coloured wool skirt: Topshop
Tan tassel loafers: Russell and Bromley
Navy tights: New Look
Belt: vintage
Grey swing coat: Topshop
Necklaces: This Charming Girl, Urban Outfitters and vintage

Today I was told I look like a 1960s secretary. I immediately decided I was fine with this. Although, I don't really see it - surely a pencil skirt would be more appropriate if I was going for the whole 'Mad Men' look? But I'm not really into pencil skirts. I think they look amazing on some people but whenever I try one on I feel like I'm trying too hard to be sexy. I don't really 'do' sexy. My style usually fluctuates between a male 1940s film noir detective and a 9 year old girl. Actual grown up lady isn't really part of my arsenal.

I accidentally matched my nail polish to my outfit too - I love it when that happens.

Oh, and I just want to say thank you to anyone who's started following. I'm still really new to this kind of blogging but all your lovely comments have been really encouraging.


  1. The love the colours of your outfit, the skirt especially is gorgeous!


  2. I think you have amazing style, young lassie! I am not sure why I just called you a "young lassie" but I am not deleting it! I think paperbag waist skirts are a good alternative to pencil skirts, you have styled yours brilliantly! Imma follow you now, I can't wait to see more of your posts :)

  3. What a gorgeous outfit, I'm loving your style :) I've always wanted a pair of the Russell and Bromley loafers.. the blouse is pretty too. Hehe I don't think I do grown very well either, I'm 25 but probably dress like a 5 year old at times. xx

  4. ah I love this skirt! Looks much more warm and adequate for winter than the ones I've currently got. xxx

  5. I love this outfit, the skirt is gorgeous!x

  6. This outfit is gorgeous, I love your loafers. I don't really do grown-up-lady either, I like to pretend I'm still a little girl when I get dressed.

    I love reading your posts, they're so articulate, it's refreshing to read.


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