Thursday, 5 January 2012

Leather, red, print



Cotton reel blouse: Cooperative (at Urban Outfitters)
Black leather shorts: vintage
Grey swing coat: Topshop
Black penny loafers: Topshop
Red tights: New Look
Necklaces: vintage and Topshop

I'm completely in love with this blouse. I saw it a few months ago and thought the print was amazing (cotton reels! Seriously?) but I put my 'responsible student' hat on and walked away from it. Luckily, it was on sale a few weeks later so I nabbed it then. I'm not usually one for ruffles but I loved this too much to let it go. It's still available on the website, in case anyone's interested. As much as I love classics like polka dots and stripes, I can never resist a quirky print.

The leather shorts are probably my favourite piece in my wardrobe. They seem to go with everything and they're good for toughening up pieces that might otherwise seem a bit twee - like a ruffled chiffon blouse with cotton reels on it. I remember my friends and family being a bit perturbed when I brought them home. My best friend worried that I'd 'look like some kind of dominatrix' and my Mum was unconvinced because they were at least two sizes too big for me. But I altered them myself (a fact that I'm still immensely proud of) and now they fit perfectly. Although my family still affectionately refer to them as my 'lederhosen'. They don't really get it...

And the red tights make me feel like Anna Karina and that's always a good thing. I threatened to break into the dance from A Woman Is A Woman at least three times today. Speaking of Anna Karina, I'm thinking of starting a style icon/inspiration type feature so I can properly talk about the people who's style I admire. Or, as I like to call them, 'women I want to be when I grow up'. What do you think?


  1. oh goodness! you are so cute ^^ just found this blog, and I'm already a huge follower!


  2. Is amazing how the red tights bring so much to this look! I bet this look won't look as vibrant with black tights ;) thanks for your comment lovely ;)

  3. what great tights and style! now following :)


  4. That print is gorgeous! I get odd comments when I wear my leather shorts too. And that sounds like a great idea for a feature, I love inspo posts xx

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