Tuesday, 29 May 2012



(Bonus points if you sang that title in the voice of David Bowie)

So, I know I went awol there for a little while. The last term of uni got pretty intense and I decided the easiest way to not go completely insane would be to give up all periphery interests: my social life, regular sleeping patterns and, unfortunately, this blog. But I'm finished for summer now so I'm all set to get back to regular outfit posts. But it's been a while since my last post and there are some changes afoot that I think I should update you all on:
  • I got a summer job at my favourite vintage shop in Liverpool so that's pretty amazing. I very rarely finish a shift without having bought something so we'll see how the whole 'saving-for-next-year' thing works out.
  • I got a new camera! I now have a Fuji X10 - it's lovely leather case is in the photograph above, sans camera obviously. I was using that to take the photo, you see.
  • I changed my perfume. This may not seem like a big deal but I'm very particular about perfumes and I normally stick with one scent for years at a time. But on a recent trip to London, I tried Ofresia by Diptique in Liberty and completely fell in love with it.
And... I think that's about it. Told you I'd given up my social life.


  1. I totally read it pretending to be David Bowie ;) I love the perfume bottle, I've never tried Dyptique before. Oh Comely <3 hope you get your social life back! xx

    1. To be honest, the packaging is what led me to it (graphic designer problems). The illustrations on the labels are beautiful and so understated. Then I smelt a few of their scents and really liked them - a lot of them are unisex and they're really unusual and distinctive. Then the woman at the counter used the words "boutique", "niche" and "Parisian" - I was sold. x

  2. I got so excited when I saw you'd posted again, I'm sorry but your burberry blazer has literally been on my mind since I first found your blog a little while ago! Anyway, that's such a great camera and I'm liking the case! Also, I think I get the bonus points for singing (oh dear)!xo

    1. Awh, so sweet! I won't lie, I usually think about it a few times a day myself, regardless of whether I'm even wearing it. x